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Video Chat -  Webcam chat rooms  

    Video Chat and Webcam Chat Rooms

    Video chat and webcam chat room that you own and control.
    Having a webcam on the same page as a chat room allows you to video chat with your favorite person while interacting with hundreds of people at the same time on the same page.
    Follow the simple instructions below to get you going:
    The first step will be to get your webcam to embed into the page you want to have it displayed on. To do this, you will need to download and place the two java files into the same directory as your webcam images.
    The next step will be to create your .html document and put in the following:
    Note: you will need to change the URL to your webcam image!

    <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
    <!-- HIDING
    function caminawin(){'Urltoyourwebcamimage',
    width=346,height=265,top=150,left=185'); }
    // END HIDING -->

    You will also want to include some Meta Tags, which need to be placed between the <Head> </Head>of your document:
    <Title>My Webcam</Title>
    <Description>My Free Webcam Chat room<Description>
    If you are trying to get placement for your webcam chat room you might want to research more Meta Tags.

    Now into the <body> of your page you want to put the following and change the applicable variables:
    Note things to change:
    #1 The URL to the javacam.class
    #2 URL to your webcam image
    #3 Define the refresh rate in seconds
    #4 Height and Width as desired.

    A floating window option is here, you can opt to use it or not.
    <APPLET code="JavaCam.class" width=320 height=240 codebase=URL to javacam.class>
    <PARAM name="url" value="URLtoyourwebcamimage">
    <PARAM name="interval" value="reloadindefinednumberofseconds">
    [<a href="javascript:caminawin();">OPEN IN FLOATING WINDOW</a> ]

    The next step will to create your Free Chat room on and embed the applet into the page with your webcam.
    To do this you may use our simple to use Chat Room code generator and refine the look of the applet to match your page.

    If you need live assistance to help you in setting up your free chat room see us in #help on the Network.

  • If you are looking for webcam ready made chat rooms see the links below.