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It's never been any easier to enjoy the benefits of adding a free chat rooms and Java chat applet to your website, whether using free chat for communicating with business clients, or chatting with friends and family on a safe, free chat network! The Java Free Chat rooms client is 100% free! There are no banners, adverts, popups, and no obligation. You can also invite people to join your free chat by using a simple link.

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  • New! Adult Free Chat Rooms Our New 18+ Free Java Chat rooms. Free Chat rooms and Webcam Free Chat rooms. More than 5k members online NOW! Other services like an voice chat, Polls, and picture rating are also available.
  • Free Chat Rooms list browse our List or join Free Chat Rooms Now using the Java chat rooms client Chat or IRC Chat IRC Chat
  • Free Chat Rooms Setup Simply choose your free chat rooms name, colors, size, etc. and click submit. Then copy the free chat rooms code to the web page or site and start using it instantly!
  • Free Chat Rooms Stats Use this simple code to tell web site visitors how many people are in your chat rooms. The link is even clickable and will take visitors straight to your Java chat rooms!
  • Free Chat Room design and development tools. Add free chat rooms to your website and then learn how to optimize and promote it to attract thousands of visitors courtesy of our experienced webmaster team.
  • Our free Java Chat Rooms client is a feature-rich, IRC-compliant web interface. It allows real-time conversations on our reliable high speed IRC servers. Our Java client is designed to 'Spice' up a web page by adding online interactivity. Your free chat rooms will also be accessible using most popular IRC clients at on port 6667
  • NOTE: Adding Java chat rooms to your web-page is the first step. You must also register your channel (free) in order to reserve it for you to use only and in order for you to have control of it as operator. When you have the free chat rooms client operational, visit our partner IRC Chat and browse the services pages for registration and configuration information or Chat Help for live assistance.

  • - Our powerful utility offers the following features:
  • Use with any Web browser which supports Java - Including Windows, UNIX and Macintosh Java-Enabled browsers
  • A full-featured client interface requiring no user installation procedure.
  • Private messaging as well as public chat / conferencing. Private messages only require clicking on the name(s) of the people with whom you wish to message and typing in the pop-up window.
  • Support of all popular IRC commands. In order to keep the size of the client to a minimum
    (to facilitate fast loading), some obscure features found in IRC clients have not been included but may be added
  • A rich set of customization options for function, look and feel of the Java chat.
  • 'Simple' mode, which presents the user with a clean, uncomplicated view of a single channel. This mode, in conjunction with the restricted command set can be used to assist people with no IRC knowledge to chat / conference. This mode also has the advantage of providing users with default nicknames and automatic log on - Without pausing and prompting for a nickname. When using a simple client on a Web page, visitors can chat the moment they arrive.
  • A 'float' option, which creates a separate window allowing users to continue browsing your web site while chatting.
  • All you need to do is cut and paste, little HTML skill required.

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